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Franki ChamakiDrive to make a difference

With a career spanning more than a decade; I have held an interesting array of responsibilities from business analysis, open innovation and start up.

I have a passion for delivering business growth through applied innovation tools and techniques.

On a personal note, I engage in entrepreneurship and support communities of the same.

I truly believe entrepreneurs seek to progress our society by removing life’s pain points leading us to a more enjoyable and rewarding living.

To me innovation is vehicle which allows me to express my creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion. Some of my entrepreneurial advantures include:

  • – a peer to peer market place for space
  • – an Apple iPhone App called iRomantic that generates romantic tips as you share it
  • – the first online service that allows people to see what their favourite tattoo would look like on them before any permanent artwork on their skin!
  • – provides you 400+ romantic tips and conversation starters that will help you sound interesting, unique and accelerate your conversation (and romance) on Tinder
  • The Shoe (book) – educational children’s book focus on building logic

During my time at AMP, I practice innovation through the principle of crowdsourcing – tapping into the wisdom of the crowd to complete generate viable ideas and have archived 17% idea to implementation ratio in corporate environment. This is done through applying my own crowdsourcing framework using 5 key simple ingredient.

In 2013, I joined the Coca-Cola Accelerator program and was the company’s first appointment. In 2014, the Accelerator program evolve into the the Coca-Cola Founders Platform where I will be accelerating new ventures and connecting Coca-Cola assets to create new business. I am currently the Founding Director of Red Garage Ventures – a Coca-Cola backed startup developing high tech wellbeing and supply chain products.

I go by the simple belief that anyone who tries to improve a situation is a designer and only through collaboration can true innovation be achieved within companies.

You can read more about my thoughts on innovation through my blog. You can also visit my profile on LinkedIn and if that’s still not enough why don’t you follow me on Twitter and find out about my adventures in crowdsourcing, design thinking and other innovation updates.

Thanks for reading by and happy innovating to you!