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Staying ahead of the game: wearable heath tech

I was reading this story entitled  Apple’s hidden threat to Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Nike Fuel and two 2 things dawn on me.

jawbone vs fitbit

1.  Need to define a segment better. 

As these health devices become more readily available and common, new more sophisticated measures that address more niche customer segments. The line below summaries this point well:

Certain niche groups, like serious athletes, wearable fashionistas or hardcore quantified selfers might continue to monetize for dedicated trackers, but most users will likely migrate to cheaper applications on their phones


2.  Differentiation and new capabilities.

In order to compete in the future, devices need to measure and track data not invisible but impacts how lives. Data that is from the body itself .

The startup companies that survive this dramatic change will be the ones that leverage these new capabilities, become smarter and making sense of the explosion of new data and provide insights to end users, insurance companies, health exchanges and providers