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Soil IQ is a company that’s bringing the “Internet of things” trend to urban and rural farming.
  • Check out this start-up, Soil IQ, they have a soil sensors that transmits soil data like temperature, PH level, light and fertility back to a paired app along with a platform for data analysis (e.g. algorithm that assess the data points as well as social data)
  • It also allows you to see who else is growing similar things giving it a social element.
  • Users receive SMS or twitter-based alerts when their plants need attention, and can buy/sell/trade their crops (or share data) with their friends and neighbors.
  • It collects the data about plants, soil and the environment and than recommends what plant you should plant and how you should plant say tomatoes or onions etc.
  • Its like Nest but for home and garden.
  • The plan is to integrate with things like the water systems and automatically water your plants.
  • It will also, in the long term able to determine plant diseases.
  • Its targeted for small farms and homes and powered by solar power so its consistently monitoring.
  • The guys are using Industrial Design firm FuseProject which is owned by Yves Behar.
  • Its estimated that there is 100 Million US households with a lawn or garden with on average spend of $120 per year on their garden with tools and related items.  With this being a $21 billion market.













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