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10 Startup Ecosystem Pillars

My top 10 drivers for a startup system to survive and thrive. It’s a good framework to use to assess if a country, region or cities’ ability to support a startup community

Prototyping or as I called it “Fake it, Til You Make It”

Learn more about prototyping, agile prototyping, assumption testing, customer discovery, lean startup, lean UX, make ideas real, product market fit, prototype, startup, testing, testing ideas, validated learning

Red Garage Ventures – Corporate Innovation framework

Simple innovation framework for Corporates consider and highlights where each innovation efforts live. It covers Incremental innovation, Transformation innovation through to Open Innovation and defining Growth Agenda. Also reviews what is the difference between an Incubator vs Accelerator from a Business Model point of view.


Pitch like a rock star – using the pitching canvas

How to think through your idea in preparation for a pitch. A pitch is just a way to explain how you plan to exploit the new market with your unique value proposition. That is how you plan to “scale” your product/market fit

Lean marketing – Simple Guide to Testing Your Marketing Initiatives before scale   Learn how to apply startup thinking to marketing activities through experimentation, learning and refinement
Spaceble. Make more out of space. Pitch Document. A pitch for a new peer to peer business dedicated to space. Spaceble is a crowdsourcing or “sharing economy” platform to help people utilize their unused space and generate income by finding and connecting with those who are in need of space
Mental Models: How do we solve business problems from a customer-centric approach? Details my top 4 design tools plus 10 step design process including NSW City Rail case study where I used Mental Models to create innovative concepts to prototype. I am a BIG fan of Indi Young, a Founding Partner of Adaptive Path, who developed the concept of a Mental Model.