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Prototyping or as I called it “Fake it, Til You Make It”

Learn more about prototyping, agile prototyping, assumption testing, customer discovery, lean startup, lean UX, make ideas real, product market fit, prototype, startup, testing, testing ideas, validated learning


Red Garage Ventures – Corporate Innovation framework

These slides present a possible innovation framework for Corporates consider and highlights where each innovation efforts live. It covers Incremental innovation, Transformation innovation through to Open Innovation and defining Growth Agenda. Also reviews what is the difference between an Incubator vs Accelerator from a Business Model point of view.


Pitch like a rock star – using the pitching canvas

This presentation is about how to think through your idea in preparation for a pitch. A pitch is just a way to explain how you plan to exploit the new market with your unique value proposition. That is how you plan to “scale” your product/market fit


Spaceble. Make more out of space. Pitch Document.

PresentationThis presentation a pitch for a new peer to peer business dedicated to space. Spaceble is a crowdsourcing or “sharing economy” platform to help people utilize their unused space and generate income by finding and connecting with those who are in need of space

Mental Models: How do we solve business problems from a customer-centric approach?

PresentationThis presentation details my top 4 design tools plus 10 step design process including NSW City Rail case study where I used Mental Models to create innovative concepts to prototype. I am a BIG fan of Indi Young, a Founding Partner of Adaptive Path, who developed the concept of a Mental Model.


Design Thinking With Persona

PresentationIn this presentation we explore the link between business need and customer need and how to innovate (and remove business problems or discover business opportunities) through persona creation and Design Thinking

Design Thinking. Human Thinking

PresentationThe following presentation is put together to give you a sample of a couple of recent self-projects I was involved to practice my Design Thinking skills. It forms part of my submission to IDEO.

Persona template: Simple

Simple and short this is a relatively simple persona template design to be used on smaller projects such as revamp of a section of site or product

Persona template: detail

Detail but concise came across this template found website. I thought it listed the section of a persona document very well.

Persona template: comprehensive

Another really good persona template that has been sourced website. It provides much more comprehensive insight to the life of persona by such as including history to give better context to why they make decisions the way they do.

Persona family template

Persona template: family

Template ( focusing on a ‘family’ of personas design to showcase typically a primary persona along with the associated persona in the family group.

Mental Model Template

Mental (Task) Model template: contextual

Simple task model templateThis is a mental model template to help you start off your journey in mapping your own. I’ve also added part of the mental model of NSW City Rail I did to investigate the problem of overcrowding issue as an example.

Task Model Persona Specific

Mental (Task) Model template: persona-specific

Persona-specific mental modelThis is more of ‘Task model’ focusing on a specific persona. The template has been sourced from website. Great resource and worth a visit. This task model is very similar to my own concept Design Scenario’. It captures the individual task a persona completes and identities ways the business can support each step.

Task Model Persona Specific

Concept Design Scenario

I develop this Concept Design Scenario which captures the benefits of a task/mental model (ie individual tasks and the ways the business can support them) and the ‘scenario’ design. It allows you to visually see each step a user/consumer journey complete if we introduced a new ‘Concept’. This template paves the way for prototyping and documenting of business requirement.

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