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Gadi Amit on the future of wearable technology

 Some interesting observations on wearable form factor design from the video entitle “Gadi Amit on the future of wearable technology”.



Fitbit jelly bean style

Fitbit jelly bean style

1. Symbiotic design

Wearable devices are no longer an “add on” or just consider the form and function, its a symbiotic relationship.


2. Dont make me think.

How might we leverage basic “human gestures” and apply them to our product and interactive designs? For example in the video with the camera product, they used the Kaleidoscope gestures which is known behaviour so you dont need to think on how to use the product.


3. Mocks up to firm up

Use simple very low tech mocks to get feedback quickly to seek refinement and opportunity in design. In the video, they used block form, tape and piece of cardboard to create their final product.


4. Design to feel.

Design is one thing, you also need to feel the product and quality of materials used. If you hold it, it need to reassure you that its a sold and durable product. Something that will last and that you trust.


Garmin wearable masculine style

Garmin wearable masculine style

5. Colour our sensors

World was full of clunky, ugly and masculine.  looking pedometers that didn’t inspire or make people feel good about the exercise they did. Fitbit’s design now use a lot of “jelly bean” style colours which makes they product more desirable and sense of fun and cool. Again it taps into our existing psyche and builds rapport instantly with product- who does like jelly beans?



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