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Lets talk crowdsourcing models!
Here are a few crowdsourcing models out there.  I was reading a blog post by Hutch Carpenter  (a great thought leader on the topic crowdsourcing) and Im going to campare AMP crowdsourcing platform (which I run) and say – amazing company that crowdsources product development.


Let me summary this for you.  Firstly, generally speaking there are 4 elements but these can be shuffled around depending on the nature and culture of any organisation or even sub culture of business unit within an organisation.



These elements all are about gathering, filtering and selecting submission be it “ideas” or product concept like Quirky community.



The four elements are as explained by Hutch Carpenter  are:



  Crowdsourcing starts with the contributions of people from around the globe. These submissions are aggregated into a common site. Submissions are provided in the format matching the contest objectives
  People provide their feedback on the submissions of others. This feedback can be up-down votes, star ratings, comments and buying into ideas with virtual currency. This process can be collaborative, helping refine submissions
  Organizations establish panels of experts who review the crowdsourced submissions, and select those best meeting their requirements. Experts possess distinct domain knowledge to make the final decision in the contest.
  The winners of the contest are determined by people’s votes and other measures. This selection process is a mix of overall crowd sentiment, weighted for higher reputed members, and the power of individuals to leverage word-of-mouth marketing.These components can be integrated in different ways to provide four different models for running crowd sourced contests.


Quirky uses:





AMP uses:



If you break down this way, you can see we use crowdsourcing can be more complicated than then it should be.


The good news we are starting to refine our thinking on this model and I’m working on a new model to make our process simpler and clear.  Its all about learning and testing what works