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Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

I love the innovative thinking around this idea of how to introduce TESO to the South Korea market.  In the brand name of HomePlus, TESCO was able to create a presence within South Korea but understand the local way of life and how space, public transport and mobility all play an important part in South Korea citizens pathway. After conducting a study they found that people in South Korea didn’t have much time for shopping for groceries – communing to and from work and the way they commuted was important. TESCO introduce HomePlusn by bringing the shopping experience to their commute home.

Customers use their phones to take picture of QR codes on virtual goods on large display screen and add items to their virtual basket. The items are then shipped to the customers address generally by the time they arrive from commuting.

According to the video, online sales increased 130% and registered users increased by 76%.  More the most important result was TESCO is now 2nd largest offline supermarket.